Safety and Security for Human Flourishing

Bona Verba from the Headmaster

Dear Parents of Cincinnati Classical Academy,

As we eagerly prepare for the start of the upcoming school year, I would like to address an important matter that lies at the heart of our educational mission: the safety and security of our students, staff, and entire school community.

Our primary focus at Cincinnati Classical Academy is to provide a nurturing environment where students can flourish. To achieve this, it is crucial that we maintain a safe and secure campus, allowing our students to concentrate on their studies and personal growth.

I am pleased to share with you the comprehensive safety measures and initiatives that we have undertaken to ensure a secure learning environment for your children:

  • State-of-the-Art Security System: We have invested in a cutting-edge building security system equipped with strategically placed surveillance cameras to monitor activities in buildings, parking lots, and exterior doors during school hours and beyond. These cameras can be monitored from various locations throughout the school, enhancing our ability to closely monitor campus activity.
  • Single-Entry Access Point: Our main entrance now features a weather and vandal-proof dome camera with infrared LEDs for clear, round-the-clock surveillance. A keypad card reader is also installed for employee access, ensuring controlled visitor entry.
  • Locked-Door Campus Policy: Except during designated drop-off and pick-up times, our main entrance doors will be locked. All other exterior doors on campus will remain locked at all times, with no unauthorized access permitted.
  • Front Office Proximity: Our school office is immediately adjacent to the Blue Awning Entrance, ensuring that all visitors must check in at the front office before proceeding beyond the school foyer.
  • Visitor Sign-In Procedure: A mandatory sign-in procedure has been implemented for all visitors, including parents. Between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM, visitors must report to the school office, present a U.S. federal or state-issued photo ID, and have their information documented in an electronic database. A visitor badge will be issued and displayed throughout the visit.
  • Emergency Drills and Training: In addition to tornado and fire drills, we will conduct two lockdown drills per year in coordination with local emergency management and police departments. Our faculty and staff have undergone “active shooter training” using Vector Solutions’ Safe Schools Program. Please know that our lockdown drills are age-appropriate and that our teachers are sensitive to the needs of our young students.

These measures represent our commitment to safeguarding our students and staff, and they reflect our proactive approach to emergency preparedness. We encourage your support in maintaining a safe environment by adhering to access protocols and cooperating with our safety procedures.

As parents and guardians, your partnership is invaluable in creating a secure and nurturing environment for our students. I invite you to share any concerns, observations, or suggestions with Mr. Muse (, our Director of School Operations. Together, we can continue to cultivate an environment where our children can flourish.

Thank you for entrusting your children’s education to Cincinnati Classical Academy. We look forward to seeing everyone back on campus for Year Two!

Torches Up!
Michael Rose
Michael Rose - Headmaster

Mr. Michael Rose

Meet the Headmaster

Mr. Rose has taught various courses at Brown University, Cincinnati Moeller, and The Summit Country Day School. As a part of his degree work in education, Mr. Rose’s research interests included the Great Books curriculum, the Paideia teaching method, and the “effects of emerging digital technology on student reading, writing, and researching.” Read More