Extra-Curricular Clubs

Students are invited to participate in extra-curricular clubs that provide a leisurely way to deepen their understanding of our curriculum and form the habits of our core virtues.

Students at Cincinnati Classical Academy will be able to participate in numerous extra-curricular clubs that provide a leisurely way to deepen their understanding of our curriculum and hone their practice of our core virtues. These clubs enrich individual student lives by fostering friendship, competition, and confidence. We highly encourage students to take advantage of these clubs as opportunities to mature as citizens.


Band & Orchestra Ensembles

Grades 4-7 for Band. Grades 3-7 for Orchestra

Dates: All year, beginning Oct. 2

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Our Band and Orchestra Program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and enriching musical experience. Students have the opportunity to learn and master a wide range of musical instruments, including brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion. Our experienced instructors guide students through the intricacies of each instrument, ensuring a solid foundation in musical technique. Collaboration is at the heart of music, and our program places a strong emphasis on ensemble playing. Students join together to create beautiful, harmonious melodies, fostering teamwork, communication, and a deep appreciation for collective achievement. Instructors: Mr. Yost (band) and Ms. Randall (orchestra). See PDF Download for full details.

Private Lessons: Strings & Piano​

Dates: All year, beginning Oct. 2

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At CLASSICAL, our intention is to create one of the finest orchestra and band programs in the region. We believe the best way to do this is to have our students take private lessons with professional musicians. We have recruited some truly incredible professional musicians who are extremely accomplished performers and teachers, and they are excited to begin working with our students to further their musical education. Stacey Wooley, Rachel Lee, Rebekah Edwards, Jacqueline Pegis, and Kimberly Russ will be working with us. The program will begin with piano and string instruments. See PDF Download for full details.

AA-3rd grade-2

Schola Cantorum

Grades 3-7

Dates: October 25 – March 20. Wednesdays. 3:30-4:30 PM

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Schola Cantorum at Cincinnati Classical Academy is a choral ensemble that offers students in grades 3-7 an opportunity to explore the beauty of music, study musical notation, and perform great pieces of sacred music and Gregorian chant. Members of the Schola have the chance to refine their vocal techniques and develop their musical skills. Our Schola Cantorum explores a repertoire encompassing sacred music from various periods. Students have the chance to showcase their talents through a spring concert. Faculty moderator: Mrs. Mears. (Register through Final Forms.)

The Sentinel Union (Oratory Club)

Grades 5-7

Dates: Jan. 9 – March 19, 2024

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The Sentinel Union is an oratory club designed for students in grades 5-7, where young minds embark on an inspiring journey to master the art of public speaking. Rooted in the belief that every child possesses the potential to become a confident and compelling speaker, we are committed to nurturing the voices of the future. Led by experienced mentors, our club sessions are carefully crafted to guide students through the fundamentals of public speaking. From conquering stage fright to perfecting the art of articulation, students receive expert instruction every step of the way. Faculty moderators: Mrs. Nies and Mrs. Wilson.


The Fra Angelico Art Guild

The Fra Angelico Art Guild will provide much-needed studio time in the Fra Angelico Arts Center for students to be introduced to new techniques and materials in the visual arts.  This after-school program will also allow the time and space for students of all ages to develop their existing skills and ideas to create beautiful art and friendships.  Guild members will explore a variety of themes in genres of art history as well as topics related to the seasons or specific types of art materials. The Art Guild is open to all Cincinnati Classical students, K-7. There are several sessions throughout the year. Moderators: Mrs. Hofmann and Ms. Calvino. Use Final Forms to register.

Gardening Club

The Classical Gardening Club adheres to the philosophy that nature contains a ready wealth of knowledge which should be eagerly pursued by students of all ages. A garden is a setting in which we may tame and temper nature itself, thereby learning about its character in the likeness of flora and vegetation. By studying the historical and scientific aspects of gardening, the Classical Gardening Club aims to inspire the virtues of patience and perseverance demonstrated through the cultivation of the earth. Open to all CLASSICAL students, grades K-7. Faculty Moderators: Ms. Cefalu and Ms. Ragan. Register through Final Forms.

Chess Club

The chess club is for students of all skill levels from grades 3-7. For beginners, this is the place to learn how to play chess; for those who are more advanced players, this is the place to improve chess skills by playing head-to-head with other students at or near their skill level. Playing chess has proven to help students enhance their creativity, improve their power of concentration, develop and expand critical thinking skills, boost memory and retention, and achieve superior academic performance. Faculty moderators: Mr. Sebastian Misleh and Mr. Slonkosky. Register through Final Forms.

Sentinel Service Corps

The Sentinel Service Corps takes the mission and culture of our school and engages them beyond school hours in order to make a broader impact in our communities and in our own hearts. We will partner with reputable, established non-profit organizations whose mission aligns with our school principles and virtues. We will participate in a variety of community service projects such as assisting the elderly with chores, organizing community and coat drives, and participating in community clean-ups. Meets during scheduled projects. Faculty moderators: Mrs. Langdon and Mrs. Stevenson. Register through Final Forms.

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Participation is open to all CLASSICAL students, boys and girls, grades K-7. Registration will be handled directly through Ahn Taekwondo Institute, but all practices will be held in the school gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 PM. 
Norman Kim, Master Instructor