Uniforms at Cincinnati Classical Academy

Cincy Classical requires students to wear uniforms to eliminate distractions, to level the playing field, and to remind ourselves that we are doing important work.

Students are required to dress according to the appropriate Uniform Policy and also to adhere to the dress-related regulations. 

The uniforms team worked to ensure that uniforms are comfortable, attractive, durable, and affordable. The school has selected Shaheen’s after carefully considering its reputation for excellent customer service.

Uniform samples are available to try on at Shaheen’s local store in Sharonville.

Download: 2023-24 Uniform Policy

Please note: You should carefully review the PDF document above BEFORE ordering, so that you know what is required — and what is merely optional. 

Ordering Link: Shaheen’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do all parts of the school uniform need to be ordered through Shaheen’s?

A. All items that include either the school logo or the school plaid must be purchased through Shaheen’s. Items such as khaki pants and shorts, or the white non-logo shirts may be purchased through Shaheen’s or elsewhere.

Q. May students wear CLASSICAL Spirit Wear to school?

A. Students will be allowed to wear CLASSICAL Spirit Wear shirts, sweatshirts, and quarter-zips on Fridays. (Uniform bottoms are still required.) All other days of the week students will be dressed according to the normal dress code.

Q. Are students required to wear a gym uniform?

A. Students in grades 3-7 are required to wear a gym uniform, which consists of shorts and CLASSICAL T-shirt. Students in grades K-2 will not change for physical education.

Q. Will girls have the option of wearing pants instead of the regulation jumper or skort?

A. Yes, girls do have the option of wearing the khaki pants in lieu of the plaid jumper or skort. Khaki pants are part of the alternative dress code for girls.

Q. When should I order the uniforms?

A. Shaheen’s has our ordering site live. Once you place your order, it will be filled and shipped to your home. If you have any difficulties with placing an order or getting an order fulfilled through Shaheen’s, please contact our front office at front.office@cincyclassical.org.

Q. Whom should I contact if I have questions about ordering from Shaheen’s?

A. Please contact Stefan Shaheen at: stefanshaheen@gmail.com

Q. Whom should I contact at Cincy Classical with questions regarding the uniform policy?

A. Please contact our front office at front.office@cincyclassical.org