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Aftercare Program

Allow your child time to play games with peers, have help with homework and classwork, all while helping your schedule.

How It Works?

Cincinnati Classical Academy offers an Aftercare program for K-6 students. The program provides supervised care in the multi-use Cincinnatus Café, from 3:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on all school days. The Aftercare program includes snack time and game time — either outside in the courtyard or inside the gymnasium.

Meet the Aftercare Coordinator

Mrs. Sarah Cormier, a native of southern California, is the mother of three Cincy Classical students (classes of ’31, ’33, and ’35). After graduating from Chapman University. She worked for Toyota, but later left to become a stay-at-home mom and build up her own make-up artistry business, which quickly became one of the highest onside bridal hair and makeup teams in the Cincinnati area. In 2021, Mrs. Cormier decided to sell her business, which ultimately lead her to find the After-Care Coordinator position at CLASSICAL. Her favorite things in life are her family, working out, and playing tennis.

    Frequently Asked Questions

You may pick up your child any time before 6:00 PM. Parents are asked to park near the cafeteria entrance and come to those doors for pick up. There will be a doorbell to ring that will notify the Before and Aftercare staff to come and meet you.  They will be recording pick up time.  Parents are asked not to enter the school building unless necessary.  From time to time the Aftercare group may be in the gym or on the grassy knoll next to the gym; in that event, a note will be placed on the cafeteria doors to inform you of the alternative location.  
Yes, you may use the Aftercare program for as many or as few days per week. Please note, however, that we do not offer any prorated payment schedule. The monthly tuition fee entitles you to take advantage of the Aftercare program as little or as much as you would like to. On any days that you do not wish to use Aftercare, you must notify the front office by 1 PM.
Because our Aftercare program is an extension of the school day, all the same expectations and rules will be enforced. Please note that this means that no digital devices will be permitted. Any behavioral issues arising will be addressed by the Dean of Student Life. If behavior issues are ongoing and cannot be resolved, we reserve the right to withdraw Aftercare attendance privileges.

Yes! We also allow part time use of Aftercare but rates will not be adjusted.

No problem! Just call the office to let them know.

While we prefer a set schedule fluctuations are to be expected. You’ll just need to let the office know in advance what days your child will or will not be in aftercare.

We are only offering the full time packages at this time, however you’re welcome to use it for less than the full week!

Yes. The first 30-minutes of Aftercare are devoted to snack and study hall. Although game time and organized activities follow, students who wish to continue with homework may do so.
Yes. If your child is enrolled in Aftercare and is involved with an after-school club, please inform the Aftercare Coordinator of the days and times of the club. We ask that your child check in with Aftercare in the cafe before being dismissed to the club. The faculty moderator for the club will escort your child back to Aftercare at the end of club time. (Most clubs finish between 4:30 and 4:45.)
Yes. The monthly Aftercare tuition fee is not connected to any club or sport. Taekwondo fees are paid to Ahn Taekwondo Institute and have nothing to do with Aftercare. 
The Aftercare Coordinator will call you to get an estimated time of arrival. You will be charged $10 for the first minute past 6 PM and $1 for every minute after. Example: Ten minutes late means you will be charged a $19 late fee.
Generally, no. Please be sure to send your child with an after-school snack and a water bottle. Avoid sending snacks with peanuts. 

Cincinnati Classical Academy's Aftercare Program

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