Our Coat of Arms & Motto

Our Motto

Our motto is Scientia est libertas, which translates to “Knowledge is freedom.” Our nation’s founders believed that success of political self-government requires a flourishing of personal self-government. Both are essential to preserving our republic, and both require proper education and civic virtue.

The Colors

The coat of arms is designed using rich derivatives of the three primary colors of the visual arts. They are analogous to the foundation provided by a sound education for realization of the derivative fruits in a meaningful life as a free citizen. 

The Sash

The sash, or “bend dexter,” is placed at the golden angle (137.5 degrees), which has special properties in mathematics and science. It conveys the harmony, order, and beauty of the natural world.

The Sentinel

The eagle symbolizes noble character, freedom, and the guardianship of a sentinel. It is depicted as displayed and resplendent, facing to the West, and with a cry that signifies the birth of the heroic soul. Blazon in formal heraldry: Azure, a bend dexter gules, an eagle displayed.