Cincinnati Classical Academy’s athletic program is an integral part of our well-rounded Classical education. Athletics foster teamwork, build community, and further the pursuit of a formation in virtue, especially perseverance and humility. 

Physical Education

In grades K-6, students engage in PE class each and every day throughout the school year. Cincinnati Classical Academy’s PE classes share the same purpose as any other discipline: to foster a love of what is true, good, and beautiful. These classes focus on strategies for building strength, endurance, and flexibility by means of warm-ups, exercises, and team sports which allow for wide-scale participation in games such as ultimate frisbee, basketball, soccer, and capture-the-flag.

Sentinel Athletics

Athletic teams enhance the camaraderie of the student body, providing students, parents, and faculty the opportunity to express school spirit and build community. The teams we field will be driven by the interest of students and parents. In our opening year, we are looking at offering: 

  • Girls basketball + boys basketball
  • Girls volleyball + boys volleyball
  • Co-ed flag rugby
  • Co-ed track and field
  • Co-ed Taekwondo (martial arts)

Parent Volunteers​

All members of the Cincinnati Classical Academy family can support the athletic program in a variety of ways, including coaching, transportation, concession help, and attending events as fans. A successful athletics program is a demonstration of the entire school working together.

Sentinel Boosters

The Sentinel Boosters is an organization of volunteers devoted to supporting our student-athletes, our coaches, and their athletic programs. Additionally, the boosters seek to provide an environment that fosters school spirit, fair play, and teamwork.