Classical 9-12 Prospectus

FAQ #1 – College Readiness

Will my student be able to get into a good college if he/she attends CLASSICAL for grades 9-12? I am concerned that colleges may not recognize a classical charter school as a “real school.”

Absolutely! Attending CLASSICAL for grades 9-12 provides students with a comprehensive education that prepares students exceptionally well for college. At the same time, our students will receive a content-rich education in the liberal arts and sciences that will prepare them for a life of human flourishing. CLASSICAL’s curriculum and academic standards meet and often exceed those of traditional high schools. By the time our first graduating class approaches, we are confident that CLASSICAL will be recognized by colleges not only as a legitimate educational institution but also as one of the top schools in the greater Cincinnati area.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of the college application process, which is why we will have a dedicated college counselor and counseling office to support students every step of the way. From selecting the right colleges to preparing application materials and securing scholarships, our college counseling team will guide and assist students in achieving their academic and career goals.

FAQ #2 –Use of Instructional Technology

When will my student be introduced to technology so that he/she can be ready to succeed in college and in the work force?

At CLASSICAL, we prioritize the “tried and true” approach to education that values traditional learning methods. While technology plays a significant role in today’s world, we believe in fostering strong foundational skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking, which are best developed through traditional methods such as books and pencil and paper.

However, we will provide opportunities for students to engage with technology in a purposeful and meaningful way. In our high school, students will have access to a research lab as part of our library, where they will learn to conduct real research using academic databases. Further, we will offer an elective course called “Creator Technologies,” detailed in our CLASSICAL 9-12 Prospectus. This course equips students with the mindset necessary to become creators rather than mere consumers of technology.

FAQ #3 – Use of Personal Smart Devices

What will be the policy regarding the use of personal smart devices (phones, watches, etc.) during the high school years at CLASSICAL?

At CLASSICAL, we uphold a policy that promotes a focused and distraction-free learning environment during school hours. Therefore, we will continue to maintain our “no smart devices” policy on campus during the high school years. This policy is in place to support the development of self-discipline and habits of academic integrity among our students.

While personal smart devices such as phones and watches can be valuable tools outside of school hours, we believe that their presence during instructional time can detract from the learning experience and disrupt classroom dynamics. By limiting the use of personal smart devices on campus, we create an environment where students can fully engage in their studies and interact meaningfully with their peers and teachers.

FAQ #4 – ‘Useful’ Skills

Will my student be taught useful skills like keyboarding or How to Use Excel?

At CLASSICAL, our educational approach focuses on providing students with a comprehensive foundation that extends beyond mere technical skills. While keyboarding and proficiency with software programs like Excel are undoubtedly useful, our curriculum prioritizes the development of essential skills such as grammar, logic, rhetoric, self-discipline, numeracy, literacy, and analytical thinking. These core skills are fundamental to a CLASSICAL education and serve as the building blocks for success in various facets of life, including college, business, civic engagement, and personal relationships. By emphasizing these transferable skills, we equip our students with the tools they need to excel in any field they choose to pursue.

While we recognize the importance of technical skills, our high school curriculum is not designed to focus on teaching them. Instead, we encourage students to explore opportunities outside of the classroom to develop proficiency in areas such as keyboarding and software applications. We are happy to provide recommendations for summer classes and training sessions that can complement our curriculum and further enhance students’ skill sets.

FAQ #5 – Elective Classes

Will my student be able to take electives?

At CLASSICAL, our Hillsdale K-12 curriculum is carefully crafted to provide students with a comprehensive education in core academic disciplines. While our focus is on delivering a prescriptive and ordered curriculum in subjects such as mathematics, science, literature, and history, students will have the opportunity to take semester or year-long elective courses in art, music, theater, and physical education. These co-curricular elective options allow students to take full advantage of a classical education. 

FAQ #6 – College-Level Classes

Will you be offering Advanced Placement and College Credit Plus classes?

At CLASSICAL, our priority is to provide students with an exceptional classical high school education that aligns with our mission and values. We take pride in our Hillsdale K-12 curriculum and our dedicated, mission-driven faculty members who deliver high-quality instruction to our students. That being said, we do plan to offer a selection of 13 Advanced Placement (AP) courses that are carefully integrated into our curriculum and taught by our qualified faculty members. It’s essential to note that while we will offer AP courses, we will never compromise our mission or values to meet the requirements set forth by external entities such as the College Board or AP curriculum. Our focus remains on providing a rigorous and enriching educational experience that is rooted in classical principles and values.

Regarding College Credit Plus (CCP): While this program allows students to earn college and high school credits simultaneously, we will not actively encourage enrollment in courses outside of our curriculum nor will we forge relationships with local colleges in order to provide our high school students with college credits. We are confident that our curriculum is robust and comprehensive, and we believe that our faculty members are well-equipped to deliver the necessary instruction and serve as positive role models for our students.

FAQ #7 – Social Events

Will you offer opportunities for high school dances and other typical high school social events?

Certainly! At CLASSICAL, we believe in providing a well-rounded high school experience that includes opportunities for student socialization and engagement. Therefore, we do plan to offer student activities programming, which will include dances and other social events that are run through our house system, what we call “Citadel Life” in Sentinel lingo.

However, it’s essential to emphasize that our approach to student activities is guided by our mission and values. While we recognize the importance of social events in a high school setting, we will never feel obligated to participate in specific social activities or events simply because other schools do. Instead, we will adapt these events to align with the CLASSICAL way. So, while we will have student dances, it’s important to note that they may take a different form from typical local high school dances. Our goal is to provide enriching and enjoyable experiences for our students while maintaining the integrity of our educational philosophy.