Miss Emily Susitko

Middle School Math Teacher

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Financial Management | Hillsdale College

Miss Susitko is a dedicated educator with a passion for classical education and shaping young minds. Graduating from Hillsdale College with a major in Financial Management, she developed a deep love for learning and pursuing knowledge. With the belief that education is a worthy pursuit, Miss Susitko is eager to share her enthusiasm for learning with others. Grounded in a liberal arts education, she aims to instill in her students a pursuit of truth, an appreciation for beauty, and a desire for the good. Outside the classroom, Miss Susitko is actively engaged in athletic activities. She has served as a head coach for a club volleyball team and played collegiate volleyball at Hillsdale for four years. Through athletics, she honed her leadership skills and fostered a strong sense of teamwork. Miss Susitko looks forward to embarking on this journey of intellectual and personal growth with her students.

Favorite Classical Quote

“The aim of education should be to teach us how to think, rather than what to think.”

James Beattie

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