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Bona Verba from the Headmaster

Cincinnati Classical Academy believes in the importance of school uniforms, considering them not just as a mandatory dress code but as an integral part of fostering a conducive learning environment. The commitment to uniforms at CLASSICAL goes beyond aesthetics, encompassing a range of reasons that contribute to the school’s unique educational atmosphere.

One primary rationale behind enforcing school uniforms at CLASSICAL is the elimination of distractions. In a world full of external influences and societal pressures, uniforms serve as an equalizer, diminishing the focus on clothing choices and appearance. By requiring all students to adhere to a specific dress code, the school ensures that the emphasis remains on academics and personal growth rather than fostering a culture of competition based on fashion.

The adoption of uniforms is pivotal in fostering parity, encompassing status, rights, and opportunities. It establishes an impartial setting, providing every student an equal chance to receive an excellent classical education. Regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, all CLASSICAL students present themselves uniformly, preventing disparities linked to personal attire. This sartorial consistency cultivates a sense of unity, fostering a school culture where each student is seen as an equal participant.

Furthermore, uniforms act as a visual reminder of the significant work taking place within the walls of Cincinnati Classical Academy. They symbolize a commitment to education, discipline, and a shared sense of purpose among students. This subtle reminder reinforces the idea that attending school is not merely a routine but a valuable endeavor contributing to personal and intellectual development. It instills a sense of pride and responsibility, encouraging students to approach their education with seriousness and dedication.

The process of developing the uniform policy at CLASSICAL involved meticulous attention to detail. The uniforms team focused on creating a dress code that not only adhered to the school’s values but also prioritized comfort, attractiveness, durability, and affordability. Striking a balance between formality and practicality, the team ensured that students felt comfortable and confident in their uniforms. The feedback received from people at public events such as last year’s regional science fair at the University of Cincinnati, has been overwhelmingly positive.

At the 2023 science fair, observers were quick to commend our sixth graders for their sharp and impressive appearance in their school uniforms. This public acknowledgment underscores the success of the uniform policy, as it not only met the school’s internal standards but also received external recognition for the positive impact it had on the students’ demeanor and presentation.

The decision to enforce a uniform policy is rooted in a commitment to eliminate distractions, level the playing field, and serve as a constant reminder of the importance of the academic work undertaken within the school. The uniforms at Cincinnati Classical Academy are more than just clothes; they are a visual representation of a shared commitment to excellence and a symbol of unity in the pursuit of knowledge.

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Mr. Michael Rose

Michael Rose - Headmaster

Mr. Michael Rose

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Mr. Rose has taught various courses at Brown University, Cincinnati Moeller, and The Summit Country Day School. As a part of his degree work in education, Mr. Rose’s research interests included the Great Books curriculum, the Paideia teaching method, and the “effects of emerging digital technology on student reading, writing, and researching.” Read More