Mr. Patrick Giroux

Dean of Students (Middle School)

  • Bachelor of Science | Ohio State University

Mr. Patrick Giroux, a native of Cincinnati, holds a deep appreciation for his hometown, which he considers one of the best cities on earth. Growing up in a household where truth and love were esteemed as the highest values, Mr. Giroux developed a profound belief in the importance of a hunger for truth as essential for a healthy mind. This commitment to truth, alongside the inspiration from the incredible faculty, motivated him to join the Cincinnati Classical Academy team. After graduating from Ohio State University in 2021, Patrick gained valuable experience working at a local law firm before transitioning to his current role. He views life as a journey akin to Homer’s Odyssey, where every individual strives to find his way home. This perspective fuels his dedication to advancing the mission of Cincinnati Classical Academy and helping students realize their full potential. As the Dean of Student Life, Mr. Giroux is committed to fostering an environment where students are encouraged to seek the truth, to do the good, and to love the beautiful. Additionally, he is committed to expanding his linguistic abilities and is actively learning to speak fluently in Latin, French, and Italian.

Favorite Classical Quote

“My father, time will show you what my spirit is.”

The Odyssey, Book XVI

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