Charter application submitted

Dear friends,

Just a quick note to share some exciting updates on our progress.

First, we are pleased to announce that the Cincinnati Classical Academy has been accepted through a competitive application process by the Barney Charter School Initiative (BCSI) of Hillsdale College and will receive support from BCSI in the initial stages of school startup!  This was an important first step in a developing relationship that we hope will lead to CCA being a BCSI-affiliated school, making licensed use of their curriculum.

Second, we have completed and submitted our application to an Ohio charter (community) school authorizer/sponsor. The application is now under review, and if successful, will result in CCA being granted a charter to operate as a community school with Ohio funding. We expect to hear results by December, with the contract being finalized early next year. If successful, we plan on opening in Fall 2022 with grades K-6, and adding a grade in each subsequent year through grade 12.

Without all of your incredible support, neither of these milestones would have been possible. Both the online survey and your individual donations (over 70 unique donors!) helped demonstrate strong community support for CCA, which was vital to both BCSI and Ohio applications. A big thank you and round of applause!

As next steps, we will now turn our attention to securing a property and school facility, as well as the necessary start-up financing. And if you can believe it, we will even begin advertising for a school Principal in the coming months.

Time sure is flying, or as a Latin teacher might joke,

Tempus is fugit-ing!

Thank you all again, and be well!

Jed, Brian, Cheryl, Dave, Paul and Joe

The Founding Board

Cincinnati Classical Academy