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A Classical Education To Cultivate Human Flourishing

Cincinnati Classical Academy will open as a K-6 tuition-free public school in Fall 2022 in partnership with the Barney Charter School Initiative of Hillsdale College. A grade will be added each year until K-12 are served.

An American Classical Education

Cincinnati Classical Academy will be a non-profit community (charter) school with an independent governing board, providing Cincinnati families the choice of a public, tuition-free classical education with instruction in moral character and civic virtue.

The Academy has been accepted through a competitive application process to partner with the BCSI of Hillsdale College, and will join a network of over 20 such schools throughout the country (see map). The Academy will use the American classical curriculum developed by Hillsdale professors, and Hillsdale will further provide staff training and oversight in school operation.

"The principal capacity of a free government is to be derived from the sound morals and intelligence of the people; and the more extensive the means of education, the more confidently may we rely on the preservation of our public liberties."

James Monroe, 1818
"The best means of forming a manly, virtuous, and happy people will be found in the right education of youth. Without this foundation, every other means, in my opinion, must fail."

George Washington, 1784
“If  Virtue and Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslave’d. This will be their great Security.”

Samuel Adams, 1779