Will the school charge tuition?

Cincinnati Classical Academy will be tuition-free, as are other public schools. The majority of funding for school operations will be provided by the State of Ohio, although at a lower rate than for non-charter public schools. Grants, philanthropy, and private donations are needed to bridge the gap.

Where will the school be located?

The school’s location has not yet been determined. The Board is working with multiple partners in real-estate, construction, education, and local municipalities to identify the best location and facility strategy to ensure the school’s success. The goal is to locate close to major highways and thoroughfares to maximize accessibility for all.

Who can enroll in Cincinnati Classical Academy?

Any student who is an Ohio resident can enroll, regardless of home address or local school district. By law, there are no admissions criteria, and admissions are determined on a first-come, first-served basis. The school is likely to serve 100 students per grade (K-6) in the first year of 2022-2023. To register the intention to enroll your child, please complete the prospective student survey.

Is the school hiring teachers?

The Headmaster will begin work in September 2021 and will have primary responsibility for the hiring of teachers. Teaching positions to be filled will be advertised next Winter with start dates in Summer, 2022.